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BETA patch 24.5.2011

- fixed: white square for missed studio icons 
- fixed: saxon errors for duplicated str.xsl includes
- fixed: missed default_overlay_thumbnail.png and default_overlay_poster.png
- fixed: updated files for "homepage" issues to work with YAMJ r2398 or newer


BETA patch 13.1.2011

- fixed: redefined sliding false wont work 
- fixed: links of pc menu are visible on nmt
- fixed: pc menu sometimes missplaced on pc browsers
- fixed: templates.xml to show correct csa icons using allocine plugin
- fixed: tv summary page frame bottom line not displayed

- changed moviejukebox.properties disabled imdb.site=labs for Original movie titles on/off
- changed my-catgeories.xml to make "NEW" categories working

- new: setting for enable/disable pc browser menu
- new: updated preferences.xsl with "mjb.forceTrailersOverwrite" to work with YAMJ r2051 or newer

r1.18 final

Final Release for All-in-One-Packages

- fixed: if plot is only one page (less than 270 characters), the "1" hidden at lowlist detail page (request by Natedog)
- fixed: tv banners index now works on pc browsers too
- fixed: tveptitle24 css setting missed in tv-details.xsl (thanks to bobax for the hint)
- fixed: index title and space shorted to prevent line wrapping in categories menu
- fixed: movie bonus, extras and trailers also detected if they are named with a title e.g. [Extra - Deleted Scenes], not only if you use [EXTRA]
- fixed: season summary on tv-detail.xsl breaks the skin if more than 600 characters
- fixed: play-from-wall for myihome users should work now
- fixed: tv detail page with multiepisode iso files sometimes hang up
- fixed: if iso and video_ts files are mixed with mkv or mpeg files in one tv shows season, some files wont play on second or further page

- changed: filepath handling for play from wall to enable "http://..." filepaths too
- changed: filepath handling for movie detail page and tv shows to enable "http://..." filepaths too
- changed: position of page numbers for tv show episode list
- changed: table structure of tv-detail.xsl to enable long titles episode list

- new: redefined-mod possible for tv index or sets only (requested by users)
- new: play a random episode (can be disabed in skin-options.xsl)
- new: summary page for tv shows (thanks to Quad for insperation)
- new: extra buttons shown on pc browsers (taken from ppp3.1)
- new: number-rating for tv shows can be enabled in skin-options but will turn off year (requested by users)
- new: new icons for french mpaa/csa certification (thanks to liszto for informations)
- new: french translation file (thanks to liszto)
- new: movies marked as watched have a green checkmark on indexes (works not for box and list mod)
- new: variable to set max count of genres shown on detail page
- new: setting for awesome index with shiny covers

- enhanced: code cleanup
- enhanced: YAMJ 2.3 r2037

BETA patch 22.12.2010

- dynamic font size for tv show episode titles
- centered title on index page for popup settings possible
- centered or right aligned set covers for popup settings possible
- open filebrowser with "URL" on remote (no customlink settings needed, check new settings for "FileBrowser" on options.xsl to change path or remote button)


Beta patch released 10.12.2010

- new variable lowlist-maxWriters added to all skin-options.xsl in folder "options"
- set lowlist-overscan value to 40 for default


Beta patch released 22.11.2010

- fixed problem with PGDN/PGUP on detail page (thanks to louisw for the hint)
- fixed problem with PGDN/PGUP on redefined mod
- fixed index break with shinycovers=false 
- fixed display page with high numbers
- fixed display for season number greater then 9

- new: dynamic title length depending from enabled flags on title bar
- new: option to enable/disable star+number rating via skin-options.xsl
- new: option to show library description and(!) genre
- new: link to browser (you´ll see a "B" on index menu bar if you set CustomLink to true in skin-options.xsl, set the URL to the correct path )
- new: predefined options (see option folder and copy/overwrite the files in the skin folder
- new: extracted translations from skin-options.xsl to skin-translation.xsl (see language folder for different translations, only copy and overwrite the file you want to use an other language)


Quickfix 22.10.2010

- fixed problem with not working indexes if you have movies with ' in title
- index fix for gt.set.gap=3 and have more lines of covers out of the screen, also if you set it to 3 and use a 2 row setup
- YAMJ r1893
- index now shows categorie/genre or set name


Quickfix 08.10.2010

- fixed: problem with playling file from detail page
- new: enable/disable certification for tv show with setting skin-options.xsl:
<xsl:variable name="lowlist-tvcertification">true</xsl:variable>
- new: enable/disable shiny covers for roundedcorners=false with setting skin-options.xsl:
<xsl:variable name="index-shinycovers">true</xsl:variable>
- YAMJ rev.1839 (if you have problems with dl fanart, please use r1827 instead)Quickfix 08.10.2010


Release version 1.1:
- new: multipage plot support
- new: play from index wall for iso,mkv,video_ts ...
- new: watchbar on detail page for selecting plot, extras, bonus, trailer, multiparts
- new: option to hide the watchbar from detail page
- new: toggle watchbar on detail page on/off by pressing "TAB" / "MENU"
- new: moviewall option redefined-look-a-like with or without sliding
- new: option to show the number of movies on redefined indexes
- new: option to hide the menu bar from index
- new: toggle menu-bar on top on/off by pressing "TAB" / "MENU"
- new: overscan variable in skin-options.xsl
- new: option to enable/disable title background texture on indexes
- new: testet with YAMJ r1824 - no promblems so far
- new: option to show genre or library description
- new: option to show filesize if not multipart movie
- fixed: Tv show with option TVPlaylist=false didnt play episodes on page 2 or later
- fixed: Tv show with option TVPlaylist=false didnt play episodes from page 1 if you switch to page 2 and back
- fixed: prevent tv episode title is to long and break the skin
- fixed: left/right on remote let the skin flip
- fixed: plots with different number of lines breaks the skin
- fixed: movie titles with 27 characters wont cut to 25 just to add "..."
- cleanup: only used javascript should be in the html file
- some more useful little things i dont remember


Quickfix 25.8.2010:
- set moviewall-index to "Other_All_1.html" by default
- set movielink to "Other_Movie_1.html" by default, the M-icon on moviewall links to movies only, use the "HOME" button to return to all.
- set "INFO" button to link to category page
- enable runtime by default
- changed font color for year and country
- center the year
- fixed the gap on background texture Bazrah reported.
- little fix if trailer enabled but no extras found


Update 23.8.2010:
- new texture behind title and page display for better visibility on bright fanart backgrounds
- possibility to change align and row of covers on SET pages in skin.properties (works not for awesome and awesome2)

lowlist movie details:
- if the movie has less than 3 subtitles or audiotracks all tracks are shown, for more 3 and more only the first track + "/..." is shown on detail page
- possibility to enable/disable display of country, year, top250, subtitle, audiotracks, trailer, genre in skin-options.xsl
- possibility to change the number of actors and shown subtitles, audiotracks

tv shows:
- new coded not limited (100+) episodes support
- 15 episodes per page with longer titles and bigger fonts
- press left/right to change page
- press up/down to change episode
- up from first episode per page moves to "Play All"
- down from last episode per page goes to new page first episode
- down from last episode on last page goes to frist episode on first page
- call episode number by remote numbers only works for actual page!
- reverse episode order not supported!
- "INFO" button toggles the general plot of the tv show on/off, for remotes without "INFO" button, it´s possible to change to colour button in skin-options.xsl


Update 30.07.2010:

- add the "Play all" feature and playlist support to tvshows
- "Play all" plays all episodes of the season from the first to last
- from a choosen episode "ENTER" will play episode by episode starting with this episode; "PLAY" will only start this episode
- NOTE: this feature doesn´t work with iso files or video_ts folders

first released version

contents / features:
- YAMJ v2 r1668
- MediaInfo CLI 0.7.34
- AEON Skin clean up #4
- Sabish TV Mod V2 Updated 13.3.2010
- Sabish Lowlist Mod Updated 8.4.2010
- studio package
- YAMJ config 0.51

furthermore changes:
- right opening boxes
- activated Rating, shown in the title bar
- moved display position of duration from title bar to near subtitles and multipart flags
- reduced actors to 4 cast members
- added “Written by”
- moved display position of genre
- removed (e1…e4) from tvshow episodes list
- adjust the height of some flags
- new flag for MPEG1 audio
- some changes to prevent overscan issues

skin properties:
- 3 Rows roundedcorner index also for movie and tvshow sets
- 12 banners for tvshows
- changed fanart width to 1280
- long imdb plot
- display subtitles, multipart, audiotracks, TOP250

- unpack the archive.
- run YAMJ GUI Config enter the paths and save it to "My_Library.xml"
- run "My_YAMJ.cmd".

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