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play from wall problems for tvshow
Erstellt von gt-eins - November 03 2010 21:25:44
Status: Offen
Priorität: Normal
Aufgabentyp: Bug
Kategorie: Default
Betroffene Version: 1.12
Schwere: Mittel
Zuständig: Niemand
Fällig in Version: 1.20

This is perhaps less of an issue, but, from the TV wall, or from the TV season selection screen, if you hit Play, then the PCH shows a white screen with what looks like all the paths for each episode show. Sometimes the PCH is "locked up" at this point & you have to power cycle it, sometimes not.

This is with SabishGT 1.12. I did make one change in file skin-options.xsl:
TVPlaylist from 'true' to 'false'

(reported by tm8592)
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