March 23 2018 13:27:30
Welcome to GT-projects. I proudly present the SabishGT skin, an AEON based skin mod for Networkedmediatanks. First started with an All-In-One package bringing YAMJ, AEON skin, Sabish Lowlist Mod and MediaInfo together. Since the first release of this pack, there are a lot of wishes and changes realized, so i call this package at last "SabishGT"- skin.
Welcome to GT-Projects
new beta release

new version r1.20beta release



- fixed: white square for missed studio icons 
- fixed: saxon errors for duplicated str.xsl includes
- fixed: missed default_overlay_thumbnail.png and default_overlay_poster.png
- fixed: updated files for "homepage" issues to work with YAMJ r2398 or newer

new version release

the actual version r1.18 is released today




- new filepath handling for myihome and server stored files

- season summary page on SET indexes

- random episode play for tvshows

- extra buttons menu for pc browsers

- multiple fixes

Download here: 



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